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the pool ​sheriff

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a Professional cleaning & repair pool company

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locally owned and operated

pool cleaning


weekly maintenance


Plus tax

  • Removal of all debris from pool.
  • Removal of all debris from skimmers & pump basket.
  • Testing & balancing of pool chemicals.
  • Scrubbing of pool and spa.
  • Visual inspection for pool leaks around equipment.

No contract needed! You're never locked in for months at a time.

Highly unlikely but if you're unhappy let us go.

Swimming pool maintenance

Pool Inspection

  • Same day pool inspection for home ​buyers/sellers
  • Inside spring tx city limits $108
  • inspection includes checking all equiment , filters, ​pool lights and for leaks above ground
  • Detailed list of inspection sent by email.
Blue Water

pool repair

Got a leaky pool?

Got a pool light out?

Got electrical problems?

Got filter problems?

Got a bad motor?

Got pool heater problems?

We can handle it all give us a call!


Water leaks from underground blue pipes

leak detection

All signs of a pool leak!!

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Detection equipment

Adding water weekly

Concrete cracking

Sinking pool deck

Calcium build up


Amino Acid Glutamine

acid wash

A acid wash can bring your plaster back to life, it restores color removes rough texture and stubborn stains.

Let's get it from green to clean.

2-4 Day Process.

Step 1. Drain pool

Step 2. Acid wash pool

Step 3. Fill pool with freesh water

Step 4. Adding of pool chemicals

Sandblaster machine


Have calcium buildup?

We can remove it with ease.

Call us today.


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pool remodeling

commercial & residentiaL

Swimming Pool Water

why use the pool sheriff

we bring any concerns or potential problems to your attention before they cause damage.

we explain/ask before doing any repairs, you never have a surprise bill.

gentlemen's contract - my word is everything. we shake on it. its a guarantee!!

we clean and repair pools we do it all.

we speak fluent english. the same pool deputy will clean your pool weekly.